Saturday, March 20, 2010

A cool windy day


I am loving this cool 48 and windy weather we are having today. I made the mistake of going out and playing kick ball with Noah. I am now suffering with sneezing and watery eyes. But, we had fun! Joel had to go into work today, I hope for only a short shift. No plans for the day so not sure what we will be doing? I guess just relaxing?!

Happy Saturday!


Debbie said...

Glad you had fun outside, but sorry that you're suffering from the allergies!

JEB and I went over to my school and he played on the playground. It was so much fun. Must do it again!

It was beautiful here today!!

Candace said...

It seems like everyone is suffering with allergies! I am lucky not to have them! I love that picture. Was it a h.s. project?

Beverly said...

yes, I seem to get sick if I spend to much time out side.