Tuesday, March 16, 2010



The photo above reminds me of being a kid and being carefree. Oh…. to be young again!

I wanted to start fresh so here I am starting all over again. I do not have all the links and things moved over yet but I will be getting those up soon. I have been running on 3 hours of sleep all day with no nap and I can hardly keep my eyes open at this point.  I hope life will be easier with this one blog instead of the two.

I hope that you will join me on this happy journey.


Candace said...

i am here, Beverly! Keepin' track of you and Noah!

Colleen said...

Ohhhh I love this new look!! How fun! I am not sure what happened regarding the DS community on the internet or what it means, but I hope and pray everything is okay.
Funny, I have been thinking lately about wanting to do something different with my blog. I am getting bored with it I think and not sure where I want to go from here. My main reason for keeping it up is for a scrap book of sorts for the kids. We'll see. Anyway..will enjoy following you on your happy journey!

Cathy said...

Lucking forward to the journey!

Jen said...

Beverly, please do inform all of us on what's going on with the DS community and pictures. I'm in the dark and want to be in the light. I'll be keeping track of you through my Google Reader. ~Jennifer

Jenny said...

Cool pic! I'll follow you here now!

Beverly said...

thanks for joining us on this new blog! So happy you came over!