Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday


The other night we walked to the tennis courts, where he loves to run around.


Made a stop at this old bus stop. The kids on base wait for the school bus at these stops.


We took the old red wagon for when he gets tired. He had fun pulling.


Along the way we ran into some girls walking a bunch of dogs. He loved on the dogs and then decided it was time to ride the rest of the way home. 

I really am thankful for simple little photos I get to capture of our everyday life. They really do make my heart happy. Doing a 365 this year has made me take photos every day. I thought it would be so much work but it has turned out to be a blessing and I enjoy it. I have so many captures of wonderful memories I wouldn't have if I wasn't doing a 365. Plus, I am learning about my camera along the way. Life is good!

Happy Friday!


Rochelle said...

Happy Friday. Love your daily pictures of your life. I am sure it is so cool to look back on all of your days adventures big & small.

Candace said...

What great pics, Beverly! I didn't know that you were doing that but it explains a lot! I think that is a fabulous idea. How special will those photos be, in the future...

Monica Crumley said...

Your little man always puts a smile on my face. :-) Wishing you a blessed Easter!

Coley said...

I did project 365 last year. So worth it and such a neat result. I decided not to do it this year because of my Noah's upcoming surgery (which we thought would be at the first of the year not mid of the year) but I miss having a photo project. It is neat to see your improvement through out the whole year. I love your editing style. :)

Beverly said...

thanks everyone. I love doing a 365