Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday


We will have a busy weekend. Miracle League baseball started up last week and we missed the first game. Noah’s team plays at 9am tomorrow. He will be so happy to be back with all his friends and playing ball.

Morgan’s Wonderland opens tomorrow afternoon. It will be a big opening with locals David Robinson from the San Antonio Spurs and Eva Longoria from Desperate House Wives along with others. We wont be going since I think it will be way to many people for Noah to be comfortable. It would be so great to go and see the big opening though. But, we will go in a week or so. Here is a link to see video of the park in a 3 part series Morgan's Wonderland. We sure are blessed to have this in our city and to have Gordon Hartman and all that he does helping the special needs community.

I hope we will be able to make the Poteet Strawberry Festival one day this weekend. I have never been and I really want to go. I saw the grounds the other day when Noah and I went driving in the country and it looked like fun.

We have all the other usual stuff to do too so busy, busy!

Happy Friday!


Colleen said...

Enjoy your week-end! Hope you make it to the festival! Sounds like fun!

Beverly said...

thanks Colleen. Joel just got home so I think we are going tonight.

Jenny said...

How fun! I hope you get to the strawberry festival, that sounds like a fun time!