Thursday, April 8, 2010

our adventures from the past Tuesday


I'm taking a spring photo class this month for 30 days called Picture Spring. This photo of my feet was my self portrait. About 5 seconds of taking this I was running down the street trying to catch Noah’s new Easter balloon ball my niece got him. It is one of those kind that has a rubber band and you punch it with your hand real fast to make it keep going. I ran and ran like a mad woman every time I almost got to it the wind took it again and again. I almost gave up but finally I caught it! I must have looked like a nut running with a camera around my neck chasing a big blue balloon ball. When I got back to our yard Noah was laughing like crazy. :)


I thought that balloon ball would make for a good photo in the wild flower fields. I also took along my new vintage suit case. After the running though I decided it would be best not to take the balloon ball out of the car:) I was in search of blue bonnets, a big field of them. So I drove 30 miles out to Poteet. I saw lots of fields and good spots but I was so scared to stop the car and no way was I going to get Noah out with huge trucks going by so fast. UGH! so upset. I did jump out to get these two photos though. The top one made Explore on Flickr today:) So excited!


Noah loved these guys and so wanted to get out of the car. Bummer I didn't get to get his photo in the flower fields but I am not done looking for the perfect one yet. I still have time before the heat kills them all. When we got home all he wanted to do was run when he got out of the car, after that long car ride. He is such a good sport!

IMG_5761a copy

I did find a good field of blue bonnets the other day, photo below. I just wanted to get some good ones of  Noah in a nice field of them, in good light. So the hunt continues!



Candace said...

Oh beautiful, Beverly! They are fantastic! Maybe someone should have snapped a pict of you chasing the ball for a spot on Flickr!LOL!

Rochelle said...

Great Pics! Love all the spring flowers.

Beverly said...


Candace, of photo of that would have pretty

Jenny said...

Gorgeous pics!

Amber Rosie said...

Lovely pictures, and congrats on Explore! good luck finding the perfect field!