Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday and Update

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1. in the waiting room. he was nervous. 2. after vitals and he got his id bracelets.

3. after waiting for ever, finally called back to pre op. now more nervous but acting happy.

4. all the nurses and doctors loved his shoes ( TJMaxx)

5. he got to put on some cool hospital scrubs and after he got these on he was so happy. he went around telling everyone hello in their beds and shaking hands and telling them about his dr. outfit, telling them too look at his dr shirt and pants. 

6. they took him back in his stroller since he would freak out if they made him get on the bed. They put him out while in the stroller and then moved him to the bed.

Recently Updated52

here he is cheering after he got his scrubs on.  he got a Scooby Doo band aid for his boo boo from the iv.

When he woke he screamed and cried for what seemed like for ever. He had never been this way after a surgery. It was bad. I took him off the bed and held him. He really never calmed down till we  left. He kept asking to go home and saying his head, ears and foot hurt and crying for Joel. I was happy when we got to leave! Thankful with how nice and caring they all were with him.

So, they said, the skin or membrane is so thin that he didn't know how long the tubes would stay in. I guess this is why the 3 other times they fell out so fast? He didn't know if they would still be in by the 4 week check up. Great! All was normal with the scope but they think his base of the tongue is very large, way in the back at the base and that his lower tonsils are huge as well. Never knew we had another set of tonsils? We will talk it all over in a month. I'm pretty sure I am ready to do the Cpap machine with him. I need to research the other stuff and ask around before we go back in a month.

We saw on TV before Noah was called back to surgery that there was a refinery explosion right out side the base where we live. They were evacuating the area. So we couldn't even come home after. Had to stay at my parents. We made it home a little after 8pm. Made for a very long day. 

Have a wonderful and Happy Friday!


Candace said...

Awww what a trooper! I am glad her made it out without too much incident. I sure hope he gets recovered quickly....Well wishes, Noah!

Jen said...

He looks like a champ! I hope all goes well in the next 4 weeks.

Rochelle said...

Sorry that post op was so traumatic for him. Hopefully he has long forgotten it and his ears won't be giving him any trouble for a while.

Brandie said...

That does make for a long day. My kids always wake up mean from the anesthesia. (so do I) I hope they last longer than 4 weeks and I had no idea there were lower tonsils.

MaryAnne said...

I love his shoes, too! I'm sorry it was such a rough day. I hope recovery goes well, and that the surgery helps!

Jenny said...

Oh my, that was a long day! I think it's awesome that the staff was helpful with him. Taking him back and putting him out in the stroller was a wonderful idea!

Good luck with his check up next month.

rm said...

You are incredible. What a hard time. Here have some wine, cofee, chocolate and a bubble bath. *offers*

Amber Rosie said...

I love the scrubs and how he went around greeting everyone! Good luck with the tubes and the Cpap or whatever you decide to do. I will be praying.

Michelle said...

that does sound like a long day! Glad everything went well, but hope you get some answers on what to do next if they don't stay in!