Friday, May 14, 2010

off trucking to the beach!

I took these last week. It was a hot, hot day! He was in no mood for photos.
I saw this sweet truck out the living room window and across the back yard and so wanted to go get pictures of it.
who cares if the folks thought I was a nut taking photos of their beautiful old red truck!
He didn't want to change his clothes for photos so I took him as is. I even had to take him to the play ground after. haha. in the heat no less.
it was so worth it.
I so love old trucks. I want one of my own some day! My Dad had one when I was a young girl and I loved it.
Anyway, we are off some time after noon, headed for the coast for Joel’s race. It is really bad out right now, raining a lot. Hope the weather clears up for us to travel and for the race and to have a nice weekend! Oh, we got a nice hotel room at the finish line! Thanks for the good wishes!
Happy Friday!


Rochelle said...

Good luck to Joel. So hoping the weather clears and it is a beautiful weekend for you all. Enjoy!

MaryAnne said...

That truck is really cool, you got fabulous pictures of it! I'm glad you got a hotel at the finish line, and hope you have a great trip!

Colleen said...

Have a great time! Hope the weather clears! Good luck to Joel, although I am sure he'll do great!

Monica Crumley said...

Great photos. My dad has an old light blue Dodge truck that he still drives cuz he can't stand to buy anything when something old still works. :-)

Jenny said...

Those are great pics! What a cool truck!