Thursday, May 13, 2010

star fish

here is the star fish photo from the other day. I had to hold it my self since Noah was in no mood. ha ha 
Joel is running a race this weekend at the beach. I have not even made reservations (yikes). I kept putting it off so I hope we find a room some place. Everyone on base is staying at the Navy base hotel but it is full already. I would hate to drive there and back because we do not have a room! Really, I am so behind on everything and I have no clue how I got so behind!?  Oh well! Wish us luck!
Happy Thursday!


Colleen said...

Very cool photo! I here ya with getting so behind on everything! I just can not seem to get caught up now days!
Good luck finding a place to stay! We are hoping to get to Corpus for a few days if we make it to SA this summer. Dale has some work to do at the Navy base there. The last time we were there Dean was not even 2 yet!

MaryAnne said...

Great photo! Good luck finding a place to stay, I feel like I'm always behind too....

Jenny said...

Great shot! Good luck with the hotel reservations!