Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boot Camp day 4 – heavy metal


Well, I wanted to photograph a field here on base with a yellow tractor type truck but Noah and I drove around for ever trying to get to it. All the roads are closed here on base with the construction and demolition. I can see this spot from the road off base when we pass by and I keep wanting to get there to take photos. So, I ended up with my bracelet with heart charm from James Avery. A gift from Joel and Noah many years ago for mother’s day. I so love it! Every girl from Texas deserves some James Avery jewelry.

Happy Wednesday!


Micayla said...

Your photos for the course are gorgeous. I signed up but have been unable to devote any time as life is a little hextic at the moment. I have bookmarked the posts and will follow soon.
The charm bracelet is beautiful, I have one almost the same without the engraving.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Hi I just came by to see what other bootcampers are doing - lovely pictures of your field and shells and today's heart. Nice to meet you - Betty

MaryAnne said...

Beautiful photo, so artistic and I love the bracelet too.

Coley said...

Love it! :)

Jenny said...

Beverly, I know I say it all of the time, but you are really creative! I love your perspective and how you set up the pics and edit! Beautiful!