Monday, June 14, 2010

Boot Camp day 9 - drizzle


drizzle honey on tea and toast… yummy!

Really so behind on things with all the running around we have been doing. Finally, got to Morgan’s Wonderland yesterday for a bday party and wow, we loved it and so did Noah. Think we will be trying to get there every weekend! There was hardly anyone there but a few bday party’s so it was so nice to be able to do what ever and no lines! post pics later! Noah had his last Miracle League game on Sat. boy was it hot out! So sad to not see everyone till the fall :(

Took Noah to get his hair cut today and boy does he looks handsome! He didn't even cry till the very, very end! So proud of him! Took him to Toy’s R Us after and so excited that they are selling the Scooby Doo gang again so he got the set. I pray he doesn't flush them down the toilet like the last two sets!

Ok! Happy Monday and have a great week!


MaryAnne said...

Hooray for a (mostly) good haircut experience for Noah!

Whitnee said...

Such beautiful processing!! Well Done!

Erin said...

Lucas HATES having his haircut too. Glad he made it most of the way through! Love the pic, makes me hungry.

Johnna Riddell said...

I love this one... the saucer and cup are so precious.

I'm sorry, I kinda giggled when I read about him flushing his scooby sets down the toilet ;) Kids are so funny.