Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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I took him to see Toy Story on Saturday. He woke up and was so happy and excited! It was a good time. They had 4 shows and believe it or not they kept sending us to the wrong show but we finally found our show in 3D. Noah took it all in and loved it. I cried my eyes out and loved it too. I think we will be taking him to see it again.  We met one of my sister’s for lunch after and then did a little shopping. When we got home he said, he was tired and went to bed for a good nap.

He is tired right about now too. Going to see if he wants to nap.

Happy Tuesday!


MaryAnne said...

What fun! Mike took Emma and Johnny to Toy Story 3 on Saturday too, now I want my turn seeing it =)

{Amy} said...

Beverly-Love this little collage of pictures, love the one of him in his Superman shirt, so cute! Now I really need to see it but I must say all this talk of crying has me a little nervous...: ) Hate to ugly cry in public!

danette said...

Love the pictures, glad he had a fun time!