Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Friday


Took this out in an old field here on base yesterday. Sad really that this base will be all closed down with in a year. Sad to see buildings tore down and everything closed, not much left to this little old base. I will enjoy it while we are still here though!

When Joel gets home… dinner out, shopping, book store and a movie when we get home to end the day! Noah loves the book store too.

Oh, we had a guest last night on our back patio, the most beautiful raccoon ever! Joel called for me to come see, He knows I love seeing any animal that comes to visit us. The raccoon was eating the pop corn I had put out for the birds. LOL

Well, have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


MaryAnne said...

Very nice photo, I like your focus.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Rochelle said...

Lovely picture. Sounds like a great way to end the week. Enjoy!

Jenny said...

Lovely pic!

I didn't realize you all had to move within a year. That's a bummer.

Have a great weekend!

Just Writing said...

You take really awesome photos. I wish I can do that too. Maybe someday...