Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday


I finally cleaned up my crafting area Friday and Saturday. It felt good to get rid of clutter! I need to do the hall closet so that I can move some craft bins in there to store until I need them. But, so happy to have it all cleaned up and sorted and things in place. I can finally get to everything and even have work space to work on jewelry and sewing and other crafty things! My craft area is in the dinning room so it was so ugly to look at for months. Put all my bakers twine in mason jars, thought it looked so pretty in the light.


I found another vintage suitcase last week for $1.50 at the thrift store. It is in pretty good shape and I like it but still have my eye for a little older set. A set in pink would be lovely! But the two I have now are fine for photo props. Now if I had some one to take photos of ( girls). hahaha! The girls in my family are too shy, like I am to have photos taken of them. Joel wants to know what I need these for :)


Ken. poor Ken! We have about three and with out heads. We are excited to carry them at the store and then we get home and before I know the heads are off. I have no clue why but he pulls the heads off as soon as he can? They do not make Barbie dolls like they used to and you could just snap the heads back on. I tried to glue them but it didn't work. He has two old boy Barbie dolls that I had as a child and you can take the heads off and put them back on so he cant understand why these new ones you can not fix.

Busy here today and my break is over.

Have a wonderful week and a happy Monday!


MaryAnne said...

Oh no, poor Ken! That suitcase is a fabulous prop, maybe you can find some baby girls to photograph? They usually aren't shy ;)

georgia b. said...

that suitcase find is SUCH a deal! it is so lovely.

i was at a wonderful store today with my friend who was looking for a vintage door to make her bed headboard out of. the shop had lot of things... old and new. but so many of the things i saw and loved were not for sale, as they were props for the store. such was the case for a fabulous vintage suitcase that looked much like this one, only it was the perfect shade of green. not that i could have afforded to buy it right now anyway. it was just funny, because everything i had my eye on, i would ask how much, and they would give me a sad face and say "it's not for sale." i finally found another suitcase that was for sale, but it was $24. i passed it up. could not justify it. the last one i found/bought was $5 at the flea market. but not nearly as great as yours here.

wonderful photo of it!