Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer List


I have seen a few blogs with Summer Lists and thought I would do one as well to start off the summer and the first of June.

Here we go.

*days at the pool and sprinkler park

*laying out and watching the stars

*a shorter hair cut


*ice cream

*Big Red floats

*mornings sitting by the kiddie pool

*trip to the Zoo

*Six Flags

*Botanical Gardens

*trip to the beach

*some time for reading books and magazines

*taking Noah to summer sports and music therapy

*movie nights

*go see a baseball game

*cook outs

*some visits to kiddie park

*children’s museum

*trip to the lake

*Morgan’s Wonderland

*keeping up with some homeschooling here and there

*find a good printer and print up some photos, cards and post cards

I could go on but will stop with these. Hope to get them all done this summer! Are you doing a Summer list? Hope you get to do all the things on your list as well!

Happy June!


MaryAnne said...

We don't have a summer list, but I plan to do several things on your list! Just spent this morning sitting by the kiddie pool =)

Jenny said...

This sounds like a good list to me!

Rochelle said...

Great list, sounds like a fun summer.

Micayla said...

The list is great, sounds like a fun summer ahead. I second the shorter haircut. Booking mine tomorrow, it really needs a good cut. Hope you show before and after photos.

{Amy} said...

We need to make our summer list, yours sounds fun! Wish I could add "beach" to ours! : )

Monica Crumley said...

Sounds like a fun summer ahead. Love your list... I'd be happy to do all those things, too.

chasity said...

great list....
love the photo too!