Saturday, July 31, 2010

an angel…my angel


a new set of photos I worked on yesterday. found some great textures the other night that worked out great with these photos.


we had these wings for ever but were lost in the back of his closet.


he wants to fly just like in Peter Pan… I wish that I could too :)


I enjoy that he loves to play dress up. I so loved it as a kid too. He has such great imagination and play skills.


I love this boy… this angel…my angel


Happy Saturday!!!


Sharon said...

Too beautiful for words! You can see your mother's heart right to the center. Gorgeous and such an honor to view your talent.

Jenny said...

He is a sweet angel! I just love your photography and edits. That pic in the header with the linens hanging is beautiful!

stephanie said...

A beautiful angel he is!!

Colleen said...

These are stunning Beverly! I love the textures!

MaryAnne said...

He is an angel! Oh, how I would love to fly like Peter Pan, too - and beautiful photos!