Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!


IMG_0717a IMG_0658a IMG_0680a   IMG_0693a IMG_0709a IMG_0750a

It is hot here and so humid. Makes me not even want to go out side. I went out to get a few photos for my Picture Summer but came right back in. I have a photo in my head that I want of Noah for a 4th of  July photo but I know he will be moody in the heat. sigh. So, may not happen this year?

I just got done making two batches of brownies and banana cup cakes to take over to my parents cook out. Feel so blessed to be here with my family on this wonderful holiday.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and happy 4th of  July!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!


Rochelle said...

Great pics. Hope you get at least one cute pic of that sweet boy! Enjoy your family time. Happy 4th!

MaryAnne said...

Happy 4th of July! Beautiful photos =)

{Amy} said...

love your pictures! i had bog plans for a couple with the kids as well...probably not gonna happen either. We are running on little sleep and lots of heat here!

And we saw Toy Story 3 last good! The kids loved it, too! : )
Happy 4th!

Jenny said...

Awesome pics!

I hope you all had a great cookout and a lovely 4th!