Tuesday, August 3, 2010

finding the light

  IMG_2752     IMG_2741

he had just finished an Oreo cookie. love that it is still on his lips.


same days he enjoys his photo being taken. this day he liked it. I cant help but snap away most every day.


I want to remember everything about him at this age and this time.

I am trying to work on finding the light for a good photograph.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I felt so much better and at peace after reading your lovely comments. xoxoxo


Rochelle said...

Love the Oreo still on his lips! Your pictures just keep getting better.
Glad you are feeling more at peace, hope it is a great day for you all.

Sharon said...

It is so precious all the little detail of him! And your texture work is fabulous. The perfect touch. I wanted to tell you that if you look on Britton at 17 post and see her (ex) boyfriend David with her on the board and canoe, he is considered the best looking boy in her grade and is one of the captains on the football team, then he has two older brothers just like him and his younger has downs syndrome. All these older brothers are so amazing with him. He loves to take his own picture on your cell phone so we have plenty but I don't know how to get them over to you. Anyway, I hope you have friends near by to share this special journey with too. In many ways, I believe, you have truly been overly blessed, I hope you don't mind me saying.

MaryAnne said...

Great pictures, I love the editing, too =)

Monica said...

I keep forgetting to check your blog because Noah's name isn't in the header! I'm so slow when it comes to change. SORRY. Anyway, I love your header photo collage and the photos in your post are precious. I love the Oreo "look" and capturing his toes is so cute. I'm smitten by John Michael's funny little fat toes, so that's a great idea.