Monday, August 9, 2010



I got a call earlier from the adaptive stroller company that the stroller was made and shipped off today. Now for the medical supply company here in town to do it’s job and praying for it to get here on time on the 3 day delivery.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!

Now I am off to finish laundry and clean up after Noah and Coco. I have cleaned so much the last few days yet, my house looks so dirty??? how is that? lol

Happy Monday and hope your week is wonderful!


Rochelle said...

YEAH!!! for answered prayers! So thankful!

Miss B said...

Love the photo Beverly! I can't believe how far your photo skills have come in such a short amount of time!

Jenny said...

I agree with Miss B, your pics are looking awesome!

LOL about having a clean, but dirty house!

Jenny said...

Oh and I just know you will get that stroller in time!! Good luck!

ivy style33 said...

Wishing you a nice rest of the week Beverly, with lots of courage to take care of everything and everyone!

I'm new in your blog, but I love it very much, so it also participates in the online creative places I'll be visiting. Thank you so much for adding me, too :) xx

MaryAnne said...

Hooray! Love the yellow balloon, too =)