Friday, August 6, 2010

our first dog…

well for now at least.

IMG_2827 IMG_2837  

I took these one morning. she kept coming to our door every morning looking for food.


after all these years of Joel not wanting a dog he said, we should take her in


I didn't believe him at all. but the third day I told him bring her in. and we did!


took her bath. went to buy food and all kinds of dog stuff. took her to the vet yesterday.


she went from Daisy to Maggie to Molly and now to Coco.


I just can not imagine that we are dog owners?! my heart is happy! I grew up with so many cats, dogs, birds and Joel never had any. I have so wanted this for Noah. she is so good. doesn't bark, very calm, so sweet, so good. she now follows me all around, every where I go she goes. She  has kept me busy since we took her in and from one minute to the next I have no clue if we will keep her. yesterday was rough since she pooped twice in the house at the same time in different spots. she has turned our in order life out of order and crazy but i am starting to like it. I hope we can do this and keep our sanity and keep this sweet girl who I am falling in love with more each day. Oh, I have a girl now…. how exciting! a girl to spoil! If I can get some sleep and get her trained I think we will be a good family for her and her for us. We have a dog!!!

happy, happy Friday and have a great weekend.

We are off soon to go see Father Carapi… he is here in town, so exciting! Hope to get a photo of Noah and him.

Thanks Colleen for the sweet pep talk about dog love!!!xoxoxoxo


Erin said...

Sweet pics! How exciting for all of you!

Rochelle said...

She is adorable! I hope she settles in nicely and makes a great new addition to the family.

Ann said...

Oh my goodness! How could you not keep her? She's irresistible! There are a million and one photo opportunities with those ears alone. I would like to have a dog but the kids are too much work right now. Wait. When do they stop being work? Anyway, we told Nate he could get a dog when he's seven so we have a year and a half left. Keep us posted!

Amber Rosie said...

Oh i love these shots, she is gorgeous! I am so excited for you!

MaryAnne said...

She is super cute, and love Coco as a name! I hope the training goes well!

Jenny said...

Oh what a cutie! I bet Noah is loving her! I hope she is trained quickly!

Colleen said...

Welcome to your new home Coco!!!!
What a gorgeous dog she is!!! I'm glad I could have helped in some way :)

Brandie said...

She is beautiful! Congrats on the new addition!

suelmayer said...

Love the pictures and I'm sure Noah loves her too!!!