Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

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here is Noah on his way to school this morning. Oh. love the weather we have today so far… in the 60’s. Will get to the high 80s later and 90s again during the week. I will enjoy this cooler weather while I can. This weekend was so hot and humid. Anyway, it was a nice change for him to wear pants instead of shorts to school.

He didn't cry at drop off but he was upset. I watched for a minute in the door window and all three aides were right over him and one handed him a book and he pushed it away and it landed on the floor. UGH! He doesn't like for everyone to be all up in his business like that. Just hope he has a good day and week. I knew it would be hard with him being off Thursday and Friday from his dental work.

Well… here is to wishes for a good week for everyone!!!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The brave boy

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We woke at 4am to get to the hospital by 6am. We were all tired. I woke to Coco being sick in her kennel and then all over the house. YUCK! Must be all the things she is getting into and chewing?

Scooby, Monkey and the ipad kept him busy. He sits in his stroller to wait because he flips out if he has to get on that bed. The ipad has been a life saver with appointments and keeping him busy. We noticed other kids there had one too. 

 september new

Once he got the gown on he got nervous. He watched everyone. I think he wanted to know when he was next?

Joel got to take him back in the stroller. They put him to sleep first and then put him in the bed. Joel said, he was out so fast before he could cry. She ended up pulling two baby teeth only. She cleaned his teeth, a small filling from the teeth grinding he does, x-rays, and sealants. He will need a surgery called frenectomy, but in a few years or he will have some scar tissue before all his adult teeth are in. It is what is causing the gap with his front top teeth, the little tissue right above them is too far down.

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He cried like crazy waking up. I think he just wanted to sleep but couldn't from not wanting anyone to poke him anymore. When he calmed some they finally let us leave. We couldn't under stand a word he was saying with his mouth all asleep. It was cute. He slept on the way home and for a few hours once we got home.

Coco made her self comfy with him on the bed. She was so still and sweet with him. He kept his arm around her for a while. Loved that she wanted to be there for him. They both melt my heart!

Keeping him home today from school since he had a bad night.

Our Buddy Walk is tomorrow. I hope we can walk with no rain!

Have a happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First day of Autumn

IMG_5008-1   IMG_5003 IMG_4949_edited-1

I was lucky to find some leaves with some color. all the trees here are still green. I was happy for my find because I so love fall. It is my favorite season.

Noah is doing great in school this week. No crying at drop off the last two days :) I am so happy he has not cried these last two days. It sure makes a world of difference to me leaving him there in their care. On Monday one the aides told me how much they loved having him and that she just loves him and enjoys working with him. So made my day!

Tomorrow he will miss school so he can go to the hospital to have his dental work done while put under. He is having some baby teeth pulled that have not fallen out yet, sealants, x-rays, cleaning, and what ever else they find while doing the exam. So, all the things they cant do in the office while he is awake. This is his third time for dental work at the hospital so all should be good. He will be cute with his teeth gaps for a while. :)

Happy first day of Autumn!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Noah and the Oreo

IMG_5200 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5194   IMG_5196 IMG_5197 IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5195

I took these Sunday morning. I needed an O photo for the Souvenir Foto School 30 day challenge and I thought about an Oreo cookie for the letter O. I really liked the way they turned out so I made a series of them and wanted to share them here.

All is well on the school front so far. He cried like crazy at drop off Friday but they say he did well all day and doing better each day. He cried again today too. But, I just tell him I love him and that he is going to have a good day and go on my way. Oh, it kills me to hear him crying in the hall while walking away.

I have moments when I think what did I do? Thinking I should have worked it out and continued to homeschool. Then moments when I think this will be good for him. And, I just keep going back and forth with it all. But, this is how it will be for now. When we get to Ohio then we will see what we will do about school then. I do like homeschooling and having our own way of doing things and knowing he is happy and well and learning. Having this free time last week and today has been wonderful. I do feel so much more relaxed and refreshed and energized. It is pretty great!

Happy Monday!!!

Wishes for a wonderful week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

public school day 1


we talked about going to school all weekend. He got no sleep all night, that darn sleep apnea. He was ready to get up and eat breakfast and watch Mickey Mouse. He didn't want to leave the house, he wanted to stay home.

IMG_4830 IMG_4831

Until I put the back pack on him. Then he was happy and more happy when he got his lunch box.


When we got to school. I tried to get some photos but he wanted to get in the school.


They had circle time and then went off to breakfast. He was happy so far. Then I left for the IEP meeting.


just some cafeteria blur.

There are 13 kids in the special ed room. I asked that he stay in just this room today to see how he did and felt after not being in a school setting for a few years. He did great! only cried for me once after the teacher asked him to do something for “mommy”. He then began to cry and call for me. But, was fine really quick. He didn't eat lunch so he was hungry after school and asked for a burger.

The temporary IEP meeting went well. They were all so nice and thought so much more of Noah and don't even know him yet, compared to his awful school before. I was blown away by the goals we came up with for him to start off with so they can get to know him. They have 30 days before the big IEP meeting.  He will be in regular Second grade class room for science, health, fine arts, social studies, music, PE, and lunch, oh, and library. He will have reading, language and math in the special ed room which in this district they call Life Strides.

I have to say that I was so taken by both the special ed and the 2nd grade teachers. so warm and accepting. We didn't have this from his last school. His kindergarten teacher made clear she didn't want him in her room but they wouldn't move him to another room when I asked because she was the head teacher???? They just seem so willing to work with Noah and make him feel comfortable. 

I feel even more at peace that one of my sisters worked with the vice principle when he was a teacher and she called him up to ask him to watch over Noah. He said, sure he would and sat in on the IEP. He told me over and over they would take care of Noah and all would be good. My other sister knows the PE teacher and she also said she would look out for him as well.

So all in all it was a good day. I am happy and excited for Noah and for me too. Thank you all for your prayers I know they work wonders. This is what I had wanted all along for Noah… a good school with good teachers and staff and who believed in him. I am so happy that I felt ready to give it another shot and not let those awful people ruin it for Noah. Homeschooling was wonderful and I loved him here with me but this will be good too. I so need this break to get things done. Again, thank you!!!!!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I hate change!


I hate change. I guess what I hate about it is the unknown? We have so much change going on and I feel so out of it.

We are moving to another state in 3 months. We knew this several years ago when Joel took the job that it would move to Ohio when this base closed and all its military jobs moved to the base in Ohio. It was always so far away but now the time is near…3 months. I'm scared, nervous and stressed from it all. We have moved a lot but this time we will be moving away from my family who we have been able to be with the last 5 years. I am so ill over missing them and we have not even left yet. I do have a sister in Ohio where we will be moving so that is wonderful. Still leaving everyone behind here is hard for the 3 of us.

I am thinking of registering Noah for public school today! I didn't sleep one bit last night from worrying about it. Feeling guilt, like I am failing him and myself, worrying about if they will be good to him and take good care of him, take the time to teach him. UGH!!!!! I am making my self sick over this. It is crazy!

I thought about it for months but never thought I would do it. I just picked up the phone and called and we went to see the school yesterday. It looks nice, the people seem nice. They would not talk placement really because he is not registered and with out seeing his last IEP from 3 years ago. So, I am walking into the unknown of what we will get from them.

After all that bad that happened to Noah in his last school I have fears. It is hard to trust and be open about letting others take care of him and not be there. But, I am ready to try this again. This is a new school, a new district from the last school. I never set out to home school Noah it just happened out of such awful wrong doing and treatment to him. I did it for him to keep him safe and for him to learn and for my sanity to know he was safe. Reading his IEP from 3 years ago last night, got me all upset and mad as heck all over again.

I think I am ready to let go and trust them to care for him and teach him? I feel such guilt over this. I so need some time for myself and to get things done here and sort and pack and get rid of stuff before we move. I have so much to do. So homeschooling him and getting the house done has been so hard, it is one or the other. I have to be honest with my self that I am not super woman and can not do it all. This has been hard to face. He needs my every moment to keep on task so it is hard to do anything else.

I really could go on with my fears and doubts and guilt but I should stop here and just ask for some prayers. Prayers that I am doing the right thing and for Noah to be well taken care of and that they are good people. Thank you so much for your prayers in advance.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of school


we had a good day even with his lack of sleep and the rain storm we had all day.


he was in no mood for photos and didn't like this map to be behind him. I took over 100 photos and not one I liked for his first day of school photo. oh well.


so the battle with writing starts again… he hates it. so we try to make it fun and games.


my sister gave us this cool map from one of her schools that she works with.

IMG_4591 IMG_4595 

Here he is happy in two photos out of 100.

this is how he is most of the time.

but, when he is not happy it is ok, I am happy he has his own mind and lets his feelings known.

you can see his eyes are puffy from allergies and lack of sleep. hope we get good sleep tonight.

Wishing everyone a good school year in homeschooling and public school!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Post Cards


I had my first set of photos printed up the other day. I take so many photos and just see them on the computer.


holding them in my hands is really wonderful. makes me want to share them. So, I went and bought some post card backings at a camera store.


would love to share them with you. Just email me your address and I will mail you off a card.

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of CCD

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Noah’s 2nd grade year of CCD started today. His teacher and aide both seem really nice and wonderful. Noah was happy to be back. Then he started to have a small melt down. crying and wanting to go get a burger and fries. He would hold his fingers out and point with the other finger that he wanted burger, fries and chocolate shake. Then crying for Coco and home. he was not loud at all. he finally came around again and was able to finish up the hour. He gets bored until the do something fun. I  hope for it to be a good year.


such a big boy. so sweet and beautiful. I so love him and am so proud of him.


this is what we found when we got home from church. I had pushed the kennel up against the window because I was tired of it being in the middle of the living room. not so smart of me I guess. It took me a minute to even figure out what was in the kennel then I looked and my some what new Rachel Ashwell shabby chic curtain was cut in half and in the kennel. LOL Joel and I looked at each other and I know he wanted to laugh but thought I was upset and then we laughed. I guess I didn't need that side of the panel? this is how it is going to stay till I know she wont chew any more curtains. life with a puppy!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Fall Game

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last week was the first Miracle League Fall ball game. it was a hot one out.

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Noah enjoys hitting the ball and running the bases. being out in the field on a hot day … not so much. he was pretty much ready to go after the first half but he stuck it out. Fall season is nice because the local university baseball players come to help out each week. Love how those boys take to our kids and seeing the good they are doing makes my heart smile.

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It is so nice to see how the kids have grown over the years playing together.


loved this photo of Noah sitting waiting for his turn to bat.

No game today due to the holiday weekend.

it is 77 right now and oh so nice out. with it would stay this way or get cooler but I think it will be hitting 90s just like always. at least not in the 100’s! Joel is on his long run and I need to get back to cleaning so we can hit the Farmers Market before it closes.

I got a new lens a few weeks ago and it make the photos look a little wacky, out of focus, blurry. It is more of an artist look. It is a look I really like… the soft blur. Learning how to use it still. Just wanted to fill you in on why some photos may be wacky.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday

Oh my! It has been crazy busy here. Joel finished up over a year of active duty last Friday. He is on vacation this week. We have been trying to get things done but the list is never ending. :) We took Noah to Six Flags, the movies and bowling this week. Coco got a trip to the Vet for more shots and grooming yesterday. Today, I need to go register Noah for second grade CCD( Sunday school classes). Classes start Sunday. We will start school on Tuesday and I am no where near ready to start the year. I had wanted to start last month (laughing). I am feeling stressed over a million things right now…. no idea where to even start to get it all done. Oh, I know it will all get done and be fine! Ok, need to get moving here, the 3 of us are meeting my Mom for lunch. We enjoy Joel being home with us before he goes back to his job next week.


Have a wonderful Friday!!!!