Friday, September 24, 2010

The brave boy

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We woke at 4am to get to the hospital by 6am. We were all tired. I woke to Coco being sick in her kennel and then all over the house. YUCK! Must be all the things she is getting into and chewing?

Scooby, Monkey and the ipad kept him busy. He sits in his stroller to wait because he flips out if he has to get on that bed. The ipad has been a life saver with appointments and keeping him busy. We noticed other kids there had one too. 

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Once he got the gown on he got nervous. He watched everyone. I think he wanted to know when he was next?

Joel got to take him back in the stroller. They put him to sleep first and then put him in the bed. Joel said, he was out so fast before he could cry. She ended up pulling two baby teeth only. She cleaned his teeth, a small filling from the teeth grinding he does, x-rays, and sealants. He will need a surgery called frenectomy, but in a few years or he will have some scar tissue before all his adult teeth are in. It is what is causing the gap with his front top teeth, the little tissue right above them is too far down.

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He cried like crazy waking up. I think he just wanted to sleep but couldn't from not wanting anyone to poke him anymore. When he calmed some they finally let us leave. We couldn't under stand a word he was saying with his mouth all asleep. It was cute. He slept on the way home and for a few hours once we got home.

Coco made her self comfy with him on the bed. She was so still and sweet with him. He kept his arm around her for a while. Loved that she wanted to be there for him. They both melt my heart!

Keeping him home today from school since he had a bad night.

Our Buddy Walk is tomorrow. I hope we can walk with no rain!

Have a happy Friday!!!


MaryAnne said...

That photo of him sleeping is so sweet. And I love the photo of Coco looking after Noah. I'm glad everything went well! Two of my sisters have gaps like that between their two front teeth, but I guess our family dentist never told them it could be fixed?

Amber Rosie said...

I love reading your posts about Noah. It's like I am there, and I know you are his mom, but you read him so well and then describe it ways that helps all of us understand. I hope he gets feeling better too! (and I hope Coco does as well!)

Rochelle said...

Glad all went well. Love the pic of Coco watching over Noah as he catches up on some rest.
Have a great walk, ours is tomorrow too!

suelmayer said...

Love the pictures, especially Coco and Noah sleeping.

Sam said...

I am touched Beverly. You are such a great mama.... very inspiring. And I love how your new 'baby' is adding to the mix. Nothing like a buddy to keep ya company when you're feeling down, huh? She's so sweet. I am simply amazed that you can do it all aaaaaaand get the most fabulous shots, all at the same time. Have a great weekend!

stephanie said...

AWWW. he looks like and angel sleeping in that pic! So beautiful.

Hope your walk was rainless!!

{Amy} said...

aww, such cute pictures. what a hard day for him- and you! glad to hear it went okay and is over with though!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad it went pretty well. I remember you saying before about how they keep him in the stroller and I think that's awesome! Such caring people.

I'm sorry Coco was sick, I hate cleaning up pet sick. ICK!

I'm hoping Noah is feeling better this weekend!