Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First day of Autumn

IMG_5008-1   IMG_5003 IMG_4949_edited-1

I was lucky to find some leaves with some color. all the trees here are still green. I was happy for my find because I so love fall. It is my favorite season.

Noah is doing great in school this week. No crying at drop off the last two days :) I am so happy he has not cried these last two days. It sure makes a world of difference to me leaving him there in their care. On Monday one the aides told me how much they loved having him and that she just loves him and enjoys working with him. So made my day!

Tomorrow he will miss school so he can go to the hospital to have his dental work done while put under. He is having some baby teeth pulled that have not fallen out yet, sealants, x-rays, cleaning, and what ever else they find while doing the exam. So, all the things they cant do in the office while he is awake. This is his third time for dental work at the hospital so all should be good. He will be cute with his teeth gaps for a while. :)

Happy first day of Autumn!!!!


Rochelle said...

Yeah for no tears!!! It does make it easier doesn't it. We will keep him in prayer tomorrow that all goes smoothly! Can't wait to see his new smile.

Colleen said...

Happy Autumn! Today is a special day for us...Anniversary and Chinese Autumn Moon Festival! So happy Noah is doing so well in school!

Jenny said...

Beautiful pics! I thought tomorrow was the first day of Autumn, now I feel behind! LOL!

I'm so glad Noah is doing better at drop off, what a relief for you.

Good luck with Noah's dental work tomorrow!

MaryAnne said...

Those are beautiful leaves! Most of our trees are still green, but the tree across the street is gorgeous!

I hope Noah's dental work goes well tomorrow!

heather said...

You are an incredible photographer! We just did the hospital dental thing last month with Morgan. Shocking at the cost of that work but so nice to have room for her permanent teeth to come in now. Good luck tomorrow!