Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of CCD

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Noah’s 2nd grade year of CCD started today. His teacher and aide both seem really nice and wonderful. Noah was happy to be back. Then he started to have a small melt down. crying and wanting to go get a burger and fries. He would hold his fingers out and point with the other finger that he wanted burger, fries and chocolate shake. Then crying for Coco and home. he was not loud at all. he finally came around again and was able to finish up the hour. He gets bored until the do something fun. I  hope for it to be a good year.


such a big boy. so sweet and beautiful. I so love him and am so proud of him.


this is what we found when we got home from church. I had pushed the kennel up against the window because I was tired of it being in the middle of the living room. not so smart of me I guess. It took me a minute to even figure out what was in the kennel then I looked and my some what new Rachel Ashwell shabby chic curtain was cut in half and in the kennel. LOL Joel and I looked at each other and I know he wanted to laugh but thought I was upset and then we laughed. I guess I didn't need that side of the panel? this is how it is going to stay till I know she wont chew any more curtains. life with a puppy!

Happy Sunday!


Amber Rosie said...

I am wishing Noah a great year at school! He looked very handsome! I am sorry about your curtains! I cannot tell you how much I have lost to Tank!

Cindy said...

HA! I can relate to your kennel story- someone left my son's bathing suit on top of the rat cage the other day- now the suit is full of holes. Ahhh...between the pets and the children...all we can do is smile.