Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of school


we had a good day even with his lack of sleep and the rain storm we had all day.


he was in no mood for photos and didn't like this map to be behind him. I took over 100 photos and not one I liked for his first day of school photo. oh well.


so the battle with writing starts again… he hates it. so we try to make it fun and games.


my sister gave us this cool map from one of her schools that she works with.

IMG_4591 IMG_4595 

Here he is happy in two photos out of 100.

this is how he is most of the time.

but, when he is not happy it is ok, I am happy he has his own mind and lets his feelings known.

you can see his eyes are puffy from allergies and lack of sleep. hope we get good sleep tonight.

Wishing everyone a good school year in homeschooling and public school!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


MaryAnne said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I hope he feels MUCH better tomorrow, and that you have a wonderful third grade year!

Rochelle said...

We hope you and Noah have a fantastic year!

Jenny said...

Bummer about the allergies and lack of sleep. I hope you get better sleep tonight too!

My Abby hates handwriting too. She just doesn't like to sit still and take her time with it.

Good luck with the rest of your school year!

Brandie said...

None of my kids like handwriting. My oldest even hated coloring. I decided to have them learn how to type.
Happy Homeschooling!

Debbie said...

as I look at the photo of him holding the pencil, I think about how JEB holds his pencils/crayons just exactly the same way. JEB will do writing, just not interested in it. He'll trace whatever is on the page, and try to copy it by himself, but he's not quite got it.

What curriculum do you use with Noah?? For reading? Math? What else do you work on with him? Just curious. You would think that as a regular elem. teacher I would be able to work more with my child, but he simply doesn't want to work with me. He fights me when we try to work on stuff. Guess he doesn't see me as a teacher....just mom to him. How long do you spend with it each day?? Not that I would ever consider homeschooling JEB, he needs the social aspect of being with other kids and playing with them, but I would like some options as to what I could use to supplement what he's getting in school.