Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Fall Game

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last week was the first Miracle League Fall ball game. it was a hot one out.

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Noah enjoys hitting the ball and running the bases. being out in the field on a hot day … not so much. he was pretty much ready to go after the first half but he stuck it out. Fall season is nice because the local university baseball players come to help out each week. Love how those boys take to our kids and seeing the good they are doing makes my heart smile.

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It is so nice to see how the kids have grown over the years playing together.


loved this photo of Noah sitting waiting for his turn to bat.

No game today due to the holiday weekend.

it is 77 right now and oh so nice out. with it would stay this way or get cooler but I think it will be hitting 90s just like always. at least not in the 100’s! Joel is on his long run and I need to get back to cleaning so we can hit the Farmers Market before it closes.

I got a new lens a few weeks ago and it make the photos look a little wacky, out of focus, blurry. It is more of an artist look. It is a look I really like… the soft blur. Learning how to use it still. Just wanted to fill you in on why some photos may be wacky.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


MaryAnne said...

What neat pictures! I'm glad you have nice weather for Labor Day weekend - hope it lasts for you!

Amber Rosie said...

Way to go Noah~!

Jenny said...

How fun! Bummer about the heat that day though!

I can't wait to see what else you do with the new lens.

Coley said...

Love the pics of fall ball! Ours doesn't start till the 16th but Noah is really excited for it to start!!