Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday

Oh my! It has been crazy busy here. Joel finished up over a year of active duty last Friday. He is on vacation this week. We have been trying to get things done but the list is never ending. :) We took Noah to Six Flags, the movies and bowling this week. Coco got a trip to the Vet for more shots and grooming yesterday. Today, I need to go register Noah for second grade CCD( Sunday school classes). Classes start Sunday. We will start school on Tuesday and I am no where near ready to start the year. I had wanted to start last month (laughing). I am feeling stressed over a million things right now…. no idea where to even start to get it all done. Oh, I know it will all get done and be fine! Ok, need to get moving here, the 3 of us are meeting my Mom for lunch. We enjoy Joel being home with us before he goes back to his job next week.


Have a wonderful Friday!!!!


{Amy} said...

Sounds crazy and busy! I am thinking about CCD classes for my little guy as well, beginning next month. I love this photo...what is it? So pretty! And I bet it has been nice with your husband on those days. Have a great weekend!

Rochelle said...

You guys have a great weekend too!

MaryAnne said...

I'm glad you've had some nice time with Joel. Hope the weekend is nice for you, and good luck with school!