Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

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here is Noah on his way to school this morning. Oh. love the weather we have today so far… in the 60’s. Will get to the high 80s later and 90s again during the week. I will enjoy this cooler weather while I can. This weekend was so hot and humid. Anyway, it was a nice change for him to wear pants instead of shorts to school.

He didn't cry at drop off but he was upset. I watched for a minute in the door window and all three aides were right over him and one handed him a book and he pushed it away and it landed on the floor. UGH! He doesn't like for everyone to be all up in his business like that. Just hope he has a good day and week. I knew it would be hard with him being off Thursday and Friday from his dental work.

Well… here is to wishes for a good week for everyone!!!

Happy Monday!


Amber Rosie said...

Good luck Noah!

Rochelle said...

Hope he gets back into the swing of things and has a great week, no tears that is a great step!

Jenny said...

Our weather is supposed to be nice this week and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm going to decorate for Fall finally.

Good luck with school, Noah!

ParkerMama said...

Wishing you guys a great week too!

Tammy and Parker

PinkInklings said...

I think these pix contain the 1st shot I've seen with Noah's face in a full smile (lower left corner) Looking straight at the camera, it has the effect of eye contact too. What a sweet sweet face! Smiles backatcha to Noah, and u 2! : )

MaryAnne said...

He looks great in that orange shirt and those pants! I hope he's doing better with school now?