Monday, September 20, 2010

Noah and the Oreo

IMG_5200 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5194   IMG_5196 IMG_5197 IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5195

I took these Sunday morning. I needed an O photo for the Souvenir Foto School 30 day challenge and I thought about an Oreo cookie for the letter O. I really liked the way they turned out so I made a series of them and wanted to share them here.

All is well on the school front so far. He cried like crazy at drop off Friday but they say he did well all day and doing better each day. He cried again today too. But, I just tell him I love him and that he is going to have a good day and go on my way. Oh, it kills me to hear him crying in the hall while walking away.

I have moments when I think what did I do? Thinking I should have worked it out and continued to homeschool. Then moments when I think this will be good for him. And, I just keep going back and forth with it all. But, this is how it will be for now. When we get to Ohio then we will see what we will do about school then. I do like homeschooling and having our own way of doing things and knowing he is happy and well and learning. Having this free time last week and today has been wonderful. I do feel so much more relaxed and refreshed and energized. It is pretty great!

Happy Monday!!!

Wishes for a wonderful week!


Rochelle said...

Love the O pictures, those are great.

Glad to hear that he is doing great after drop off. I am sure that is totally heartbreaking to hear him crying as you drop him off. Hope after he establishes a routine that the drop off is much easier on both of you.

Thankful for some mommy time just for you!

Jenny said...

Those are adorable pics! Abby opens her Oreos and then dips them.

I'm really glad the schooling is going well. I'm sure it is hard to leave him crying, but to hear he adjusts quickly is good.

PinkInklings said...

O, I love these shots! They are perfect little slices of life. You are a good mom. Only good moms would think twice about things, and second guess themselves.: )

Micayla said...

The pictures are stunning as always.
It is lovely to hear Noah is doing well at school but so sad about the drop off. Emily starts playgroup today and I feel like my heart has been torn out. I feel so empty and wish I would of waited a little longer, but it is all about her now. She loves to play with other children and I have to let her try it. I am sure we are both doing the right thing.
Have a lovely week.

breezelife said...

Can't decide which Oreo picture is my favorite... maybe the middle two where he's putting the cookie in his mouth. Good luck with school. It sounds like a wonderful place... enjoy your time to yourself.