Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another happy Tuesday!


Drop of was good!

ENT just called, the girl had a different attitude and is resubmitting the claim…blah, blah,blah and even gave me an earlier appointment to get into see the dr (YES!) yesterday, they gave me the date of Nov. 8th and today she gave me Oct. 25th still a long way away when he is having ear pain and infection in both ears but I will take it. I just love how things work out. I know the bill will get paid by one of the insurance companies or by his waiver so I am not worried about that. all is good!

School troubles and I have no words for it all yet. I was made aware of it last Thursday by the male aide. I am getting the feeling they are giving Noah worksheets to do… and he wont do them. He cant write so why give him work sheets? I dont think they are working on any of the things in his IEP? They have not taken him to Second grade yet. He is not eating lunch or breakfast there. I think the female aide must have quit? have not seen her since last Wed. So, I am left with lots of questions of what is going on. I need to get to the bottom of it and fast. He only has 8 weeks before we move. He is safe and that alone is good. But, he also needs to be taught just like any other kid in school. This, we have not had the luck to get from public school. yes, it is only going on the 4th week but they should have some routine down as to how he learns and what works for him. I get the feeling all the kids do all the same work? if that is the case what is the use of their IEP’s? ??????

I need to make phone calls and get answers and get people in that room to see how and what should be done and get them teaching my sweet boy. And, they need to get an aide to take my sweet boy to Second grade already. Thinking positive and know all will be good and worked out and well… it is just part of my life to deal with these things. It is my job to fight for my boy and make sure he is getting the best and what every other child gets. I dont send him to school to sit and do nothing all day long! Ok, must go and make calls.

Have a happy Tuesday!!!


Rochelle said...

Good luck, hope you get to the bottom of the school situation and they are teaching Noah what he needs to learn. He does need to be with the 2nd grade class! Go Beverly go.

MaryAnne said...

I'm glad things went better with the ENT office today. Good luck working everything out with school!

Jenny said...

I hope the phone calls went well. What a bummer that they've promised you things and it's not going that way. I hope it all works out.

Amber Rosie said...

I am praying for Noah and his schooling. I wish there was not all these walls and things for him! It is not right. I hope things get better. And I am praying for you and your move!

Brandie said...

It drives me crazy when people don't do what they should. I hope it gets straightened out, for Noah's sake. You're a great mom, standing up to get him what he needs. I always worry about the kids who don't have someone like that.

Michelle said...

sorry there are issues at school and it sounds like they are not doing what is best for Noah; how frustrating. Hope you get some answers soon. Where are you moving to?