Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday morning

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We woke him up to the happy birthday song. He was so sleepy and out of it he must have thought we were nuts. I know he enjoyed it thought around the 4th time we sang it, he was ready to get up and get going. :) I just love how Coco wants to be right in the middle of things.


I bought these beautiful and tasty red velvet cookie cakes at the Super Target and we put a candle and sang happy birthday again several times before school. He was so excited to hold the cookie with the burning candle and well… he loves the birthday song and thinks it is just for him.


He had a great day and a great day back at school too. He only did a drop and flop once at school and that is pretty good with him not feeling well. He has not done a drop and flop and become a wet noodle in for ever well… since he was in school 3 years ago. And then he did it twice today after school hmmmm. hope today will be the end of all that cause it is not fun trying to get a wet noodle up and break your back doing so.

Joel and I took cupcakes and ice cream for his party at school and he was just so happy. I will post those photos tomorrow when I get some time to edit them. Having his party on Sunday, here with the family.

And the 3 of us now all have allergies/ sinus and everyone we know here in town too. YUCK!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!


{Amy} said...

Beverly- I am still laughing about the "drop and flop".....too funny! I had never heard it called that before but man, I remember when the kids would do that....ugh. I bet Noah loved you guys bringing treats to school, that always makes kids feel so special. Hope he has a great party this weekend! Happy Birthday Noah!

Coley said...

I didn't realize our Noahs birthdays were so close together. My Noah's is the 25th and his party is next Saturday.
Hope y'all have a great party Sunday and happy birthday to your sweet Noah!!

Jenny said...

"Drop and flop", that is the best way to describe it! LOL!

That little cake is so cute! I look forward to the pics of his classroom party.

Michelle said...

happy birthday Noah! Sounds like he had a great day!

Monica said...

What a sweet post. JM does the drop and flop AND loves the birthday song. He sings the "dayyy" and "yoooouuu" parts.

I love that little cake/cookie with the candle in it.

Happy Birthday Noah!

AngieW said...

So glad he enjoyed his birthday! Ben does the Drop and Flop too, but at age 2 and 30 lbs it is not so hard to deal with yet. I can't imagine what it will be like when he is much bigger, but I think you described it well when you said you break your back doing it. The cookies looked yummy!