Monday, October 18, 2010

cleaning up


Today is clean up day. The floors were a mess yesterday after the party. I went and bought a dyson animal after taking Noah to school this morning. I felt so guilty buying it until I came home, put it together and used it. LOVE. IT. Then I mopped the floors and now need a break :) After I get the rest of the cleaning done I need to work on photos and get caught up on everything else.

I feel so behind on blog reading, paper work, cleaning, a stack of magazines I need to get to, organizing, de cluttering, and on and on. It just seems like there has been one thing after another going on around here. The move it coming up before we know it and my head will be spinning. forgive me for being a bad blogger and not commenting on your blogs. I read some at night in bed on the itouch but hate using it to comment with.

On a really sad note… this is so awful for me to even write. ugh! We let my brother take Coco home yesterday after the party. My heart hurts, really hurts. I woke up feeling that nervous feeling like something was going to happen and Joel said, it was missing Coco and I think it was. I feel kind of lost not having every minute of my day so far caring for her and taking her outside every minute like she likes to do. Missed her sleeping on the bed last night. We still might take her with us to Ohio but for now my brother has her. he loves her and he is so good with dogs. He will train her really well. She really took over our home and was not the calm dog she was when we took her in. She thought she was in charge of us and well… she was. She took every minute of my time every day.


Have a happy Monday!!!!


Jenny said...

It must be hard to have given Coco to your brother :( At least you know she's being well cared for!

Good luck with the rest of your housework, I need to get some done too.

Colleen said...

Awwww I am so sad about Coco. She seems like such a great dog especially for Noah. I love all the pictures of them together. At least she is still part of the family.
Good luck with the rest of your cleaning. Every day is cleaning day here!lol

Rochelle said...

Oh that is sad about Coco, maybe your brother will have her all trained by the time you move! That would be a great going away gift =)!