Thursday, October 7, 2010

a day of bocce

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I arrived an hour before Noah’s school bus got to the sports complex. They were so late getting there… the last school to arrive. Good thing it was a nice day out. But, the sun was so bright it hurt. Noah was so excited to see me standing there waiting. I was so glad I went and experienced the day with him. It was a blast and he had fun. But, it was a long day and he got tired and he was hungry and he began to melt down and cry just a little. So, I took him for a walk and we played and went to the potty. They didn't eat till after they played. Guess who was the very last player? Yep, my sweet one! He was so hungry that he didn't want what the school packed but I finally got him to eat the bread.
I don't think I would ever not go to an event. There are just too many kids and I don't want Noah lost in the craziness that goes on. I cant believe I was the only parent from our school to be there?

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The high school volunteers were great. They kept score and helped out. They belong to PALS ( regular ed students who volunteer at school with the special ed students). My heart just burst with happiness to know there are such sweet kids out there who have tender, caring hearts. That sweet teenage boy worked with Noah with such tenderness. I could see how good his heart is. I can never say enough about all the good people we have met and passed all these year with Noah who volunteer and give of their time for such goodness for my Noah and other kids. I am for ever grateful and hold that happiness in my heart.
The little girl with Noah in some of the photos thinks she is his mother from the first day. She always wants to hold his hand and help him. She is too cute. yesterday after school she told Noah bye and then yelled out, “I love you”.  oh my, it was sweet.

Here he is with his ribbon. The ribbon never made it home yesterday. when I asked about it today I was told it was thrown away because they didn't know who’s it was and one of the kids was chewing on it and it was wet. huh? so I nicely asked if they could call and get him another one so i can put it in his box of treasures.
I think the next event to practice for the Special Olympics is bowling and that should be fun as well. :)
Happy Thursday!


MaryAnne said...

Hooray for teenagers who care! It sounds like a long day, and Noah did great to wait it out for his turn. And I'm really glad you went to be there with him!

Rochelle said...

Looks like a great day. I do so love watching hs kids volunteer especially with our kids it is so awesome to see the next generation with such great hearts.

Monica said...

What a beautiful post! Noah has many caring people in his life... from the high school students to the little girl that loves him. Too bad about the bus ride being so long...

Jenny said...

Why were they so late? I would have been pretty nervous!

That looks like a fun day, but it does look like it was a LONG day!