Sunday, October 17, 2010

for my sweet Noah


I made this for Noah this past week. After I had edited the photo I just felt like adding the words to it. I tell this to Noah several times a day and before bed. He says it back to me. So, I thought it was fitting for the image.

I didn't get to edit any photos yet, so I am behind. My head was feeling like a watermelon all day yesterday but much better today. Now to clean up and get ready for the party later.

Happy Sunday!


PinkInklings said...

Have a wonderful day, and a GREAT party!
(so glad you're feeling better!)
: )

stephanie said...

OH goodness, I seriously had such a cr*ppy day, this has me in tears!! It'd the sweetest thing in the world!! This is what I'm ending my night with,
Thank you!

Territory Mom said...

I love it!! You are such a great mom.