Tuesday, October 26, 2010

giant cookie and IEP news


Noah got this giant pumpkin cookie from Whole Foods on Saturday. He only took a few bites and was done. he is not so much into sweets. But, he loved just picking out the cookie and bringing it home. :)


Lets just say I was not happy with his IEP last Friday. There were no shows and I was not notified of any of them not coming but one (OT called me to let me know and her reports were there). The no shows? Special Ed, Reg. Ed, PT and no assessments were done for Behavioral and Assistive Technology like I asked. Speech- 6 times a semester. The PE coach was there and she is sweet and wonderful a friend of my sister and the adaptive PE coach was there and she is wonderful and sweet. The academic goals were a joke for a 9 year old! Here is one- will pick a favorite book out of 3 books 4 out of 5 times by the end of the year. WHAT?! Serious? Here we go again with low expectations of my boy. Not having it! I was sick all weekend about it all. Felt like just pulling him out and being done with it.

When I saw the teacher this morning I let her know how unhappy I was and with what.

When I picked Noah up this after noon the speech therapist was waiting for me. She was sorry for the mix up and for me being upset and said, she sees Noah 2 times a week and just wrote 6 times a semester for what ever blah reason. And that she would change it on the IEP reports if I wanted and I said, yes, I wanted. I was grateful she came to talk to me! answered prayers I tell ya! Then the aide came out with Noah and said, they finally took Noah to reg ed 2nd grade today, wow, finally. Noah did great too. Now for the teacher to sit down with me and make appropriate goals and I will be happy.

Oh, I was told that the JOKE of a school district he last went to will not get back to this school district about sending his records and the records person lives next door to his current OT. wow. Then some one got a hold of some one and was told they only have one IEP from 2005 when we first moved here to Texas and he was 3. lol  I called today and asked for the records and was told to call the last school of attendance and I did and the woman never called me back. Like I need to deal with this.

Anyway, happy things are looking up and having faith in it all and in my self to know what to do for my sweet boy. Joel wishes for me to pull him and home school and I am feeling that way too but I want to wait and give schools a try in Ohio. If we have the same kind of junk happening then we will go back to homeschooling. In the mean time, I will continue with prayers and faith that it will all work out. I know there are good schools and teachers out there some where and hopefully waiting for us to get there soon!

Happy Tuesday my friends!!!


Jenny said...

Cool cookie!

I'm so sorry about the IEP stuff, that has to be so difficult to deal with. Seriously, the picking a book out thing just doesn't sound like a goal? What's the deal?

I hope you are able to find peace with his schooling in Ohio, whether it be public school or homeschool.

Rochelle said...

Oh dear Beverly, that wasn't an IEP conference at all, why didn't they reschedule if people were out?
Also, why did they have goals for him that the team didn't produce? You are part of that team and know him best, as his mom and teacher the past few years you definitely need to be setting the goals for his education not a few folks that just met him.

There are great schools and great teachers out there. I am hoping that you have a much better team in Ohio that has high expecations as their goal for ALL kids.

{Amy} said...

Ugh...this makes me MAD just reading about this. :( Do you know many people where you live? I wonder if you could hook up with someone that has been through this and could kind of mentor you--there is so much information I know other moms could share with you! That was not an IEP at all, they should have rescheduled. They are legally required to have updated IEP"s and have to follow everything in the IEP. I hope things work out at school and you are able to get the services Noah is entitled to!

SunflowerStories said...

Oh, how frustrating! Ugh, I am so sorry they wasted your time! They clearly should of rescheduled. Man, I hope your move is soon & Noah gets in a great school!

Brandie said...

This kind of stuff makes you want to scream. I think I would have! Who comes up with a goal like that?

I'm sure there are good schools out there. I see them once in a while on other peoples blogs. I love homeschooling, but sometimes I resent the fact that I feel like I have to do it because I can't trust the school to keep my kids safe and meet their educational needs. Noah is so blessed to have you for a mom.