Monday, October 11, 2010

Hair cut

hair cut collage

Noah got his hair cut on Friday night. I always love the way he looks with a fresh cut. I was trying to get a few pictures so I could post but he was not too happy with me.

He had another bad night of crying. I am thinking his throat or maybe sinus draining or that his belly hurts? I really have no clue and this is what drives me up the wall… the not knowing. How I look forward to the day Noah can tell me all the things I want to know! I have faith and know the day will come. For now I play the guessing game.

Holiday today. Joel and Noah are off. Joel took Coco for her shots and grooming. Noah has a doctor appointment at 1pm with a new doctor at his Neurologist office. They are sleep specialist but we still have not got to the bottom of his sleep issues. Anyway, since the Neuro moved out of town he is now going to see a Pheumologist.

One good thing about moving to Ohio is that I hear Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has a great ENT that helps with sleep issues.

I plan on taking Noah’s birthday photos today so I hope that works out. my plans never seem to work out? lol I hope to drive some where nice and take some good photos and hope he is willing. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Happy Monday!


Jenny said...

He looks so cute with his new haircut!

I hope the birthday pics work out!

Jamie said...

Handsome little man...

Michelle said...

He is so handsome!