Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Saturday


Had a lovely morning sitting out back with Coco on my favorite chair. I do wish she would go out side alone but she will not. I make the best of it and relax but then the mosquitoes start to attack me and I run inside. lol

No plans today, just doing laundry and the usual things and run an errand or two. Joel gets off work at 4pm but wont be home till after 8pm. He is in training mode for the up coming marathon and has to run 16 miles today. Oh well, guess Noah, Coco and I are on our own today. We will have a great day and enjoy the nice weather!

Have a happy and wonderful Saturday!


{Amy} said...

sounds like a good saturday to me! : ) but the sick of them, they are all over our backyard!

Jenny said...

I hope your day was great!