Monday, October 4, 2010



Noah did great at drop off. No crying! I went to target right after dropping him off and bought lots of treats and juice for their snack time. I don't mind at all buying the treats for the class each week. I like making the kids happy including Noah.

I was on the phone all day up till just now with doctors office making Noah’s yearly appointments with all his drs. I wanted to get this done now before we leave in just over 8 weeks for Ohio. We will not have the Medicaid waiver when we get there so we will have lots of co- pays once we are in Ohio so better to get things done here before we move.

I was given such a hard time by the ENT office billing person. She so doesn't want to take the blame or get in trouble so making it all my fault about our last visit over a year ago. I swear she acted like she remembered the day and every word said. I wanted to laugh in her face… like she really knew that very day in her head! Anyway, she is saying, we own out of pocket $300 for the visit because Medicaid didn't pay for it because we had TriCare (military). when I told her to send to through to TriCare to get the denial and then send it back to Medicaid and it would go through but they need it to be denied first from tricare. She told me the 90 days passed and I would have to pay it. UGH!!!! So, we went back and forth and she said, she had to ask another person to see what can be done and that person had left for the day. If they give me grief about it I hope Noah’s waiver will pay for it!

You think I would be an insurance expert by now with all the dealings I have to do all these years. But, I am not. I am still learning all the little tricks. So, I will be back at it on the phone tomorrow dealing with this and I hope I can get him an appointment at some point if not I will need to find another ENT to take him to.  I am happy I got all the other appointments made!

Now I am ready for bed already!

Have a great night… Happy Monday!


Jenny said...

I hate making those kinds of phone calls. I hope you get it all worked out soon!

I'm so happy for Noah doing well at drop off today!

Colleen said...

Wow, 8 more weeks! Lots of excitement ahead for you. Do you all plan to buy a home in Ohio?
I'm glad Noah is settled into his school routine. Maybe this will help him adjust to the move easier.
Hope everything works out with the medical insurance. I now how frustrating those calls can be trying to sort it all out.
Have a great week!

MaryAnne said...

I hate figuring out these medical insurance issues. My MIL once got a bill SEVEN years after having surgery for something they forgot to bill!

Good luck figuring out the ENT problems, and I'm really glad Noah was happy for school drop-off this morning!

krissilugbill said...

thats great that he handled the drop off well! Love the photo as always! hope you get a good nights rest after your day of hard work!