Thursday, October 14, 2010

my sweet one and ear infections that wont go away

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these photos were taken on Monday after his Dr. appointment with the sleep specialist.

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we went to eat at Jason Deli. the light by the window was wonderful.

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my poor guy is still not him self. I took him to the Pediatrician yesterday and he STILL has the ear infections and now sinus infection with diarrhea here and there. tried to pick up his 4 different meds at Target only to have insurance issues again. So, we left with nothing. made phone calls when we got home and sent Joel to deal with it. more issues. more phone calls and finally had to pay for the antibiotic.  So he got his first dose late last night and I kept him home again today. He has been crying at the littlest of things and crying through the night. He did sleep better last night though. He is such a trooper!

another day of rest for Noah and hopefully on the road to getting well. I will be dealing with insurance stuff yet again and he has a dental check up later this afternoon. other than sickness, insurance crap and cleaning after Coco, life is good!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Jenny said...

Insurance stuff is so annoying! Luckily, I haven't had too much trouble with ours recently, but it seems like my sister has to call them every day!

I'm so sorry Noah is still sick. I'm glad you got the antibiotics started, so hopefully that will help.

MaryAnne said...

I love these pictures of Noah! I'm sorry he is still not feeling well; hopefully the antibiotics get him feeling completely better soon!