Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Buddy Walk

2010_09 SEP1

Just a few captures from our Buddy Walk here in San Antonio last Saturday. It was so hot and humid we did the walk and left as did a lot of other people. It was just to hot to stay any longer. It was a good turn out and there were a lot of families to support our kids. It was the first year to be at this new location at Hero’s Stadium across the street from Morgan’s Wonderland. After the Walk Morgan’s Wonderland was open to everyone to come and enjoy the park. We were just too hot to go and Noah was so upset by the heat.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and for the last few years ds bloggers try to blog every day for the 31 days of October. So I will be trying my best to do this again this year.

It has been a long rough week. Noah got sick and wasn’t eating so Tuesday I kept him home and took him to the dr. He has a double ear infection and a ton of black wax in the right ear. She didn't want to take it out so now I have to get him to the ENT. He stayed home Wed. as well because he was not eating, still crying at night from pain. He is fighting the ear drops twice daily. I am getting good at holding him down while giving the drops!

Joel has duty this weekend but I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with Noah! Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy Friday!!!


MaryAnne said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I hope Noah's ears feel better soon!

Rochelle said...

Glad your walk was so fun. Hoping Noah gets to feeling better soon. Ear infections = no fun!

Jenny said...

Oh no, not another ear infection? Poor thing! I hope they heal up quickly and he starts feeling better soon!

{Amy} said...

hope you guys had fun on your buddy walk! poor noah, charlotte gets EI' too and i feel so bad for her... ugh! hope you guys have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

its too bad it was so humid for the walk, but great pictures!