Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pink Flowers

I spotted these at La Cantera mall the other day. 
I had so been wanting to go and walk around in the cool morning but Noah had been sick.
I went the first chance I got when I sent him back to school on Thursday.
it was so nice to just walk around and look at things and linger and take my time and walk in and out of stores.
Since I started taking photography more seriously I just cant help but see beauty every where I look. I carry my camera with me every where I go. It is a bit of a hassle fitting it into my bag or carrying an extra bag but I am always so happy to have it when there is something I want to photograph. Plus, gives me reason to buy more bags and purses ( I am a bag lady)!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Sam said...

Absolutely beautiful Beverly. And as always your fantastic classic and elegant processing is perfect for them. Sounds like a wonderful morning to me.

Jenny said...

Those are all gorgeous pics! You could sell those!