Thursday, October 28, 2010

school breakfast issues


found this lovely leaf at my parents house the other day :)

Took Noah to school and had to take him to cafeteria for breakfast. I guess this will be our morning from now on because just not enough aides to help him out to my liking. I could just drop him off but I am just not that type of parent knowing he will not eat. he will hardly take a bite of food for me there much less if no one is there to prompt him to do so. And well, when we get there no one offers to take him or they kind of ask if I can take him. I really don't mind helping them out like this when it comes to my sons sake.

ok here is the story. They say every single kid has to eat breakfast at school who is at school that day. I told them I feed him at home. They say, doesn't matter he must go through the line and get food. UGH! just crazy! And now he must be at school by 7:45 to have time to eat. The school bell rings at 8:10. Most of the aides are out waiting for the buses to arrive and bring those kids to breakfast. So, if I was to drop him off and go, there is no one to take him to the cafeteria and help him get his food and sit with him and he needs time to sit and eat. He is really slow to eat and warm up to any food at meal times. He usually starts to eat when we are all done eating.

Before this week I was able to just drop him off ,some days I stayed and helped with the breakfast but mostly just drop off between 7:40 and 8am. They waited in the class room for all the kids to get there because the buses are usually late and then the class would go to breakfast at around 8am and stay till the kids are done with eating. I guess something happened and the teacher was told that they have to eat at the same time as the rest of the school before school starts and can not be in the cafeteria after 8:10am. and the matter of all kids must go through the line and get a meal has to do with losing the food budget or something? I don't get it and I don't like it but I will do it to keep the peace. I have other battles to deal with.

The rest of my day I spent with Noah’s class at the bowling alley for Special Olympics practice. It was a good time and Noah loved it.

Now I must get busy making 27 goodie bags for his classmates and some for the aides and teachers.


Rochelle said...

They MAKE everyone eat breakfast? Wow this is beyond my educational comprehension. What is their philosophy behind this? Are they a title 1 school?
Wow praying for outstanding Ohio schools for Noah.

Colleen said...

Hmmmm, that is just crazy about the breakfast thing. Never heard of it being mandatory to eat at a school. I can't imagine that going over very well. Are you at a school where you feel maybe most kids are just not eating breakfast at home?? Weird??
Some of these changes schools are making are just crazy!
Hope things are going well in preparing for the move! You must be getting some what excited, huh?

Jenny said...

That is so strange that everyone HAS to eat at school. How much does this cost you? What a pain!