Saturday, October 30, 2010

unexcused absences?


used this set up for a photo assignment the other day. Noah’s old cowboy boots. I need to get him a new pair.

He woke up this morning looking awful with his eyes all dark, watery eyes and nose stuffy. He wanted to sit in the tub with toys so that is what he got to do. When he got out he was whiney and crying and asked for medicine. When will this end? So, he didn't get to play in the last fall baseball game with the Miracle League. I hope he is better by Monday because the attendance clerk at school is on my last nerve.

I get a letter in the mail on Thursday after bowling field trip, from the attendance clerk. That Noah has 4 unexcused absences. It goes on to say how my child could become involved in drugs, teen pregnancy, jail, and drop out of school ( yes, we may just go back to homeschooling and soon). I was beyond ticked at who ever made this huge mistake. I have no clue how much more I can take from these people? I called her and said, I gave her a doctors note for each absence. she lost one but says I didn't give her one that day and anyway it is locked and she cant undo it?! The other 3 she says are from when he was absent 3 days and the dr note is for only 1 day. LOL I asked, so I have to take him to the dr each day he misses, the note is not for the entire time missed? I never heard of such crazy crap in my life… oh wait I think I have. She was talking like she is crazy, and then she would find a note and then say another day was missing and back and forth.

I went to talk to the principle about it and she said she would talk to the attendance woman and for me not to worry about this and it wouldn't happen again. I have copies of all dr notes in a file but one that I forgot to make a copy of before I gave it to the school. Now I have to go get a new one from the dr for my files. My advice keep a copy of every single dr note!

I am laughing at my self because I think everything happens for a reason but how I came to put Noah back in public school…. I must have lost my mind or I was in a panic? LOL because it has caused me more work and worry for me than just keeping him home and teaching him my self. And it is hard for me to see the good in all of this just yet. And it makes me fear about finding a good school. While Joel is in my ear everyday to pull him out, I am just waiting it out to see how it will go and finish it up till we move. That is unless we are hauled off to jail for our kid having unexcused absences because a careless attendance clerk lost them. knock on wood!

This school stuff does get on my nerves but we don't let it gets us down! we keeping living our happy life filled with love and all good things :)

Hope your Saturday is wonderful!


Rochelle said...

Wow, I am SO incredibly sorry that your public school experiences are so rotten. Praying that you guys know what the best path is for Noah's schooling and that if it is public school that the Ohio move is a great one and they are wonderful in working with him and you.

Monica said...

Oh, I'd be so incredibly angry at such a ridiculous letter! I'd probably do what you're doing... wait and try to see the benefit in him going to the school until I can't stand it anymore and end up pulling him out. I hope it changes for you since talking with the principal. I never save anything or bother to get doctor notes for my kids. Sometimes they're just absent with a bad cold that a doctor can't fix. So sorry you're dealing with someone like that. I hope your day is better today :-)

stephanie said...

This story is doing nothing to calm my fears about Em starting school.

Are there real live humans running schools or are they mostly aliens. I've heard so many stories like this. Who are these people? can they even hear themselves speak?

i have heard some beautiful success stories but to tell you the truth, I've heard a lot more like the one you just wrote. I do hope it gets better for you and Noah.