Monday, November 1, 2010

costume changes


first a clown

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then a pirate

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finally a doctor. since he was not feeling good he was not into much of any costume but in the end he liked being a dr.  He had a good time handing out candy and enjoys seeing all the kids. after about 4 houses he was done and asked to go home.

He is home today sick and resting up. I so need to go to Target to get hair color to cover up my gray but I am here with him and hoping he is feeling better.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Jenny said...

I'm sorry Noah is still sick. Poor guy :(

He looks so cute in his costume(s)!

MaryAnne said...

He looks so cute in all his outfits. I hope he feels better soon!

Rochelle said...

Dr Noah was the best! Sorry he isn't feeling well today, hope it is quick lived and he is back to himself tomorrow.

Micayla said...

Hope Noah is feeling better, he looked super sweet in his costumes though.