Monday, November 29, 2010

looking for a home


Took Joel to the airport yesterday. Had to go back 30 minutes later because he missed his flight. lol


He made his flight today. At least he got to stay home one more day. We took Noah to school and sat with him for breakfast then went shopping and then the airport. He made it to Ohio and staying with my sister and brother in law while looking for a place for us to live. He wants to drive over to visit with his family in Pennsylvania for the weekend and watch the Steelers play on Sunday. And maybe catch the hockey game in Columbus on Thursday with his brother meeting him there? It will be good for him to go home and visit his family. We have not been back there since we left 5 years ago. Noah and I miss him already.

We are keeping busy. I have a ton to do and get done and my head is spinning. We have 3 weeks left here. This will be our first move ever that I will not have to pack. The movers will be coming for 3 days to pack us up and then the 4th day take it all away. Wow, that is going to be great! But, I still have so much purging to do. I did manage to get Noah’s room done last week. I think I got rid of around 12 bags of stuff? Now to do the rest of the house and storage unit. sigh…

Happy Monday!!!!

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MaryAnne said...

Good luck packing, and I hope Joel finds you a lovely home!