Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rock n Roll Marathon San Antonio

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it was nice and cool today… beautiful weather for the marathon. My Mom, two of my sisters and one brother met up with us to cheer Joel on. We had a great time walking all over down town, laughing and  having a good time on our wait.

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Boy, it was so crowded, like crazy crowded! There were over 28,000 runners. We were not able to see Joel coming in the way they had the finish line set up but I did see him coming in since I knew what time he would be coming in about. Was not able to get a photo though. so we had to stand over at another shoot where they came in after getting their medals and stuff.

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here Joel is coming in. He finished in 3 hours and 28 min. We are so proud of him. Noah ran and ran today too. he kept us busy while waiting. He is a runner just like his Dad. :)

I'm thankful for my family to come out and support Joel and for the good time we had and for Joel having such a good run! My sister Margie cooked a celebration dinner tonight and well…. more good times!

Hope your Sunday was wonderful!

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