Friday, December 31, 2010

finished my 365


took this in our back yard. my last photo for my 365 project. I am so happy to have made it through and finish it.


made a collage and year in review of 2010 from my 365 photos.

I learned so much about myself, my camera and photography. I met and made a lot of friends on Flickr who have been wonderful and supportive and so inspiring. I am so thankful for my year in photos for the memories that I have documented especially since it was our last year in San Antonio.

If you do one, you will be so happy you did and all that you will learn and all that you will have at the end.

It was a year I am so thankful for!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



after many, many


many boring days in a hotel


we finally got to move in to our new home on the 28th. It was another cold day. so many boxes to unpack. the house is a lot smaller than what it seemed on paper…sigh. we will be in this house at least for a year. but really, I can not see my self moving again for a while! I hate the thought of it!

Thankful to be in our new home before the new year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

chrstmas post card 2010

our Christmas card we had printed for mailing out.


Christmas morning. He was so excited to wake with other kids in the house and to see his gifts and that Santa brought him this pirate boat.

So thankful for this day.

Friday, December 24, 2010



our first morning here…wow its cold! Noah loved the snow and so happy he ran right into a pile of it.


a view in blur of my sisters town


some trees down town looking so beautiful


took this on the way to Columbus. We all drove over and spent the night Christmas Eve at my nieces house. We had a good time. lots of food and fun.


a berry tree at my nephews house.


My dad and Noah just enjoying the night. most everyone went with us to Mass at midnight Christmas Eve.

I am blessed to have my Dad and brother drive my car up here for us and stay a few weeks and blessed to have family that lives near our new home. so thankful!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our last days in Texas and on the road


the moving van pulled up as I was dropping Noah off at school on a Tuesday, with a driver and 4 guys. They took from 8am till almost 10pm to pack and load that truck. I just wanted to run away. I really did. We made sure they had food to eat and drink. By noon when they were still in the same spots I knew it was going very wrong and we were in for a long day and night.  by 5 pm I was so done and Joel went to get us a hotel and Noah and I went to rest. Poor Joel had to put up with the slow movers.


The next day another van had to come around noon to pick up the stuff we had in storage because the first van took so long and it got dark.  I took this photo on our first morning in the base hotel on the way to take Noah to school.


Noah on his last day of school. waiting for Joel to come out of the hotel room. while Noah was in school on Friday we moved all our things to a base hotel closer to my parents house. so we could be closer to family. Noah was getting confused and asking to go home.


took this our last night in San Antonio at my sisters house. She made dinner and we all had a good time. We made plans to leave on Monday morning and I woke so sick to my stomach with a virus but I got in the car and off we went. I cant believe I traveled being so sick lol.


Not sure where on the road I took this? I just wanted to get a few shots in for my 365


took this in Dallas from the highway. I tried to sleep most of the time so that I wouldn’t feel so sick and so I wouldn’t cry from missing home.


I think this was in Ark. some where or maybe still Texas? the moon was so huge and bright from the eclipse. I called it the travelers moon. We stayed the night some where in Ark.


We took our time taking off the next day and made our way to Graceland. It was a fun stop and glad we did it. Though it made for a long rest of the drive. we planed to make a sleep over again but around 10pm decided to just drive the rest of the way to Ohio. We arrived just after 2am and got a hotel on base. It was a long drive and we went from really warm weather to really cold and snow. yikes!

we are so blessed to have made the trip safe and sound and that all went well.

Monday, December 13, 2010

bye from Texas


took these of Noah yesterday for my 365 prompt. He usually is good  at letting me take photos of him.


but some days he wants no part of it. I can never really just ask him for what I want I am just lucky to get the photo by chance.


so I have to take a lot of photos to get what I am looking for. makes for good practice! and he is a sweet heart for letting me take his photo so much. :)


So, my last day to use the computer before they pack it away tomorrow. I will so miss this thing and Photoshop. ugh!

I feel less stress today! I know I will feel even better tomorrow once it is all packed and then the next day when it is all on a truck! I will then have to clean for housing inspection and then we are done here by Friday. so happy!

We finally found out this morning that we got a house on base and it is such a weight off our minds to know we have a home to move into right away. so thankful!

I have a meeting at Noah’s school for his IEP update while the packers are here tomorrow. to add in the academics that the teacher left out. Thursday is his school party and Friday is his last day and a pajama party in his class.

We leave on Sunday morning. It would be nice to take our time getting to Ohio. I told Joel it would be fun to visit Graceland on the way. we shall see? If you see a crazy woman crying her head off on the highway… it will be me! I have already started to cry. Joel is prepared for lots of crying.

Well, I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support and kindness you have given me and our family over the last few months with putting Noah back in school and those problems we had with that and for our move. Thank you! Thank you!!! I will see you here once we get to Ohio and unpack!!!

Happy Monday!!! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, December 9, 2010



Met my sister last night for dinner and she wanted to buy Noah some cowboy boots before we moved. They look really cute on him. After we went over to my parents. I will miss these visits and family time. For now… finding joy every day!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

who’s watching?


He wanted these guys in the tub. they just looked so funny standing on the side like they were all watching. They look so real. I need to get him another set of these guys at Lakeshore before we move. I don’t think they have one in Ohio?

A guy from the moving company came today to size up the house and storage. Now, they just called and said, if it was ok they can pack in one day instead of two and move us a day early. Fine with me. Guess we will be living in a hotel from the 14th on? Still no word on where we will be living and Joel comes home tomorrow morning. He tried to get home tonight but no luck. Noah has been crying for him and it breaks my heart.

About 12 days till we leave. I'm doing what I can and have given up on the rest of it. I sorted through our bedroom yesterday and took 4 bags of stuff to Goodwill and two of trash. If only I can do the rest of the house. LOL

Happy Tuesday xo

Monday, December 6, 2010

We Believe

Recently Updated254

Makes my heart happy to see this photo. Noah got shy but he did hug him and sit on his lap but wouldn’t look at him for too long. after we left he told everyone he saw Santa :)

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Sunday


some old keys we picked up at an antique store in Gruene, Texas. I love Noah’s little hands and really cant get enough photos of them. I don’t want to forget his sweet little hands.

I had a stomach bug all yesterday. my Mom and sister came over to watch Noah so I could rest. he kept getting in the bed with me and being silly. it made my heart happy. but, I got no rest. lol

Joel comes home Wed. Still waiting to hear back on housing from a few places. I think we will pick base housing for now? Joel visited the school near the housing and said, it looked great. Everyone was nice and it looked nice.

It is snowing and cold there in the 20’s. here… in the 70’s. it will be such a change of weather for us. I know Noah will love the snow.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

love this view


I love the view of the city coming from our end of town.

I will miss it so much.

nothing like the Texas sky… almost always blue and beautiful.

the food, the culture, the warm winters…. I will so miss.

still, I look forward to the new adventure and all that it will lead us to!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, December 3, 2010

dreaming of candy canes


I just love candy canes


by the end of the season I just may have a ton of photos of them


they really do make me happy just looking at them


I bought only one box of them this year so they will have to last. well… until the move.


Happy Friday!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

a shopping trip to Fredericksburg


I went two weeks ago with my sister to Fredericksburg. She took the day off from work.


it is always a nice drive up to the Texas hill country


we spent the day walking and going in all the shops up and down the street


we bought a few things but mostly just looked


took my camera and snapped when I could. I feel funny taking photos and people watching me


it was one of the first cool days of the season


thought these two looked cute looking at maps


pretty ornaments


and some vintage ones


this cute snow man in a vintage tub :)


would have loved these sweet suit cases


dreaming of some of these


I finally was fast enough to photograph a butterfly


or two


looks like spring


wonderful fences too


getting some practice on out of focus shots


blue sky and beautiful tree


saw this barn on the way out to the highway


It really was a lovely day spent with my sister who took the day off to be with me :)

sisters are the best and I am blessed to have three!

Happy Thursday!!!