Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Sunday


some old keys we picked up at an antique store in Gruene, Texas. I love Noah’s little hands and really cant get enough photos of them. I don’t want to forget his sweet little hands.

I had a stomach bug all yesterday. my Mom and sister came over to watch Noah so I could rest. he kept getting in the bed with me and being silly. it made my heart happy. but, I got no rest. lol

Joel comes home Wed. Still waiting to hear back on housing from a few places. I think we will pick base housing for now? Joel visited the school near the housing and said, it looked great. Everyone was nice and it looked nice.

It is snowing and cold there in the 20’s. here… in the 70’s. it will be such a change of weather for us. I know Noah will love the snow.

Happy Sunday!


SunflowerStories said...

Feel better, Bev! I love Noah's sweet little hands, too!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love the photo of the keys in Noah's hands!

Jenny said...

It's cold here too! Noah will love playing in the snow, though.

The pic of his hands is so sweet!

Jenny said...

Oh, I thought of Noah at the mall the other day. JcPenney's had a little sock monkey ornament near their Christmas decor. It was so cute!

Territory Mom said...

Key to your heart, so beautiful