Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our last days in Texas and on the road


the moving van pulled up as I was dropping Noah off at school on a Tuesday, with a driver and 4 guys. They took from 8am till almost 10pm to pack and load that truck. I just wanted to run away. I really did. We made sure they had food to eat and drink. By noon when they were still in the same spots I knew it was going very wrong and we were in for a long day and night.  by 5 pm I was so done and Joel went to get us a hotel and Noah and I went to rest. Poor Joel had to put up with the slow movers.


The next day another van had to come around noon to pick up the stuff we had in storage because the first van took so long and it got dark.  I took this photo on our first morning in the base hotel on the way to take Noah to school.


Noah on his last day of school. waiting for Joel to come out of the hotel room. while Noah was in school on Friday we moved all our things to a base hotel closer to my parents house. so we could be closer to family. Noah was getting confused and asking to go home.


took this our last night in San Antonio at my sisters house. She made dinner and we all had a good time. We made plans to leave on Monday morning and I woke so sick to my stomach with a virus but I got in the car and off we went. I cant believe I traveled being so sick lol.


Not sure where on the road I took this? I just wanted to get a few shots in for my 365


took this in Dallas from the highway. I tried to sleep most of the time so that I wouldn’t feel so sick and so I wouldn’t cry from missing home.


I think this was in Ark. some where or maybe still Texas? the moon was so huge and bright from the eclipse. I called it the travelers moon. We stayed the night some where in Ark.


We took our time taking off the next day and made our way to Graceland. It was a fun stop and glad we did it. Though it made for a long rest of the drive. we planed to make a sleep over again but around 10pm decided to just drive the rest of the way to Ohio. We arrived just after 2am and got a hotel on base. It was a long drive and we went from really warm weather to really cold and snow. yikes!

we are so blessed to have made the trip safe and sound and that all went well.

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Rochelle said...

Love the pictures especially the one in the fog!
Glad you guys made it to Ohio safely. Hope your heart is at peace (at least a little) and that Noah is settling in nicely.