Tuesday, December 7, 2010

who’s watching?


He wanted these guys in the tub. they just looked so funny standing on the side like they were all watching. They look so real. I need to get him another set of these guys at Lakeshore before we move. I don’t think they have one in Ohio?

A guy from the moving company came today to size up the house and storage. Now, they just called and said, if it was ok they can pack in one day instead of two and move us a day early. Fine with me. Guess we will be living in a hotel from the 14th on? Still no word on where we will be living and Joel comes home tomorrow morning. He tried to get home tonight but no luck. Noah has been crying for him and it breaks my heart.

About 12 days till we leave. I'm doing what I can and have given up on the rest of it. I sorted through our bedroom yesterday and took 4 bags of stuff to Goodwill and two of trash. If only I can do the rest of the house. LOL

Happy Tuesday xo


MaryAnne said...

This is a great picture! I buy stuff from Lakeshore Learning online, because we don't have a store close by. Of course, then you have to pay shipping (unless you spend a lot!)

Good luck packing. I hope you find a beautiful home.

{Amy} said...

hahaha...they do look real! : ) what a stressful time to move but oh, what a joy to have someone do the packing for you! good luck!

Jenny said...

LOL, those do look real! What a neat pic.

That is nice that they can do it in 1 day. I will be thinking of you all and hope you can find a home soon.

Rochelle said...

That picture is great. Good luck on the next few weeks, I know moving is stressful, praying it all goes smoothly and that the schools are fantastic and a perfect fit for Noah!

Territory Mom said...

What a great photo. I need to get some for my kids too.

Sam said...

Another fantastic and fun bathtime shot. Those guys are indeed amazing. Hang in there Beverly. You guys are in my thoughts.