Friday, August 27, 2010

Crazy for Coco

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We have had her for over 3 weeks and we love her so much. I'm crazy for her. She has been good and so smart. Only a few accidents since that first week. Noah loves her but when she barks ( usually when we put her in the kennel and leave or coming back home to get her out of the kennel) he gets so nervous and wont move and gets upset. This is getting a little better but makes me feel so bad and like we cant have her if she makes him so nervous. But, all the rest of the time he loves her, so we will see how it goes.

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He has been wanting her to chase after a ball ( like my brother’s dog) but all we had were big ones, and she wasn't in to chasing them too much. So, we went and bought tennis balls and boy does she love those things. Noah is over the moon with happiness to throw the ball and have her go nuts running after it and brings it back to him. Wish you could hear his belly laugh and see his happiness over this.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday - Dentist


Noah and Woody went to the dentist on Monday for his 6 month check up. he was upset for a little bit with the screaming and crying and wiggling. he calmed down and was fine to do the check up.


Instead of doing the cleaning she thought it best to do it next month in the hospital. She will put him under and do the cleaning, x-rays, sealants, pull 2 baby teeth and what ever else she may find. We have done this many times before so not a real big deal but you still worry when they get put under. She is a wonderful dentist with a great staff and they are wonderful with Noah. The hospital where she does her surgeries is also wonderful as is the staff. So, he is in good hands. I guess he will have some teeth gap soon? He will be cute with his gaps! :)

have a great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



a photo from a few days ago. i sure love this boy… to the moon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

dreaming of day 365


made these tags the other night to make a banner.


this was my photo of the day for my 365 on Wednesday day #223. I look forward to day 365!


It has been fun and I am learning so much about photography and what I like. I still have so much more to learn… I think it will take me forever to learn everything. :) But, that is the fun and excitement of it all.


I encourage you to do a 365 if you are interested in photography or just want to work at getting better or if you want to document your family life for a year. It is hard work to do it everyday on days you don't feel like it but on the other days it is so worth it. You have all these great moments and memories captured. I so look forward to day 365!!!!! It is a beautiful journey so far!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday - summer days at the pool

Crazy in this Texas heat to think the pools close once school starts back up when it is oh so hot for many more months. Noah enjoys his time at the pool. Gets so excited to know he is going.

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all dressed and ready to go… he was waiting for us to hurry up.

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love that summer skin and those sweet freckles.

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he has a good time talking and playing with the other kids and making friends for the day. He still hangs on for dear life in the big pool. Have no idea how to get back to where he once was before he freaked out in the water. He used to float all alone and loved it till the day he came to the side of the pool (2 years ago) and held on and that was it for him. loves the water but so scared of it at the same time?! I know it will come in time and I wait patiently like I do for everything.

Life is good, wonderful and oh so beautiful and full of blessings and I am very thankful!

Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, August 9, 2010



I got a call earlier from the adaptive stroller company that the stroller was made and shipped off today. Now for the medical supply company here in town to do it’s job and praying for it to get here on time on the 3 day delivery.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!

Now I am off to finish laundry and clean up after Noah and Coco. I have cleaned so much the last few days yet, my house looks so dirty??? how is that? lol

Happy Monday and hope your week is wonderful!

Sunday, August 8, 2010



Friday was a better day with no accidents. Saturday, after Noah and I went to bed she went pee on one of the rugs. Today, she went on the rug in our bedroom. YIKES! how did I get myself into this? lol  We love her more each day. One of my brothers said, he will take her if we cant keep her.


I got a much needed pedi yesterday. and it was oh so relaxing to just sit and not think and sitting next to one of my sisters. I came home and put on my sandals I got a few weeks ago but have yet to wear and got some puppy love.


after Mass we went to eat dinner out. The sun was perfect after dinner and I got a nice sun flare photo.


after dinner we went to pick up Coco and headed to my parents to show them the new puppy. we saw this sunset on the way. had a nice visit with my parents, came home and went to bed. It was a good day and I feel so blessed.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

our first dog…

well for now at least.

IMG_2827 IMG_2837  

I took these one morning. she kept coming to our door every morning looking for food.


after all these years of Joel not wanting a dog he said, we should take her in


I didn't believe him at all. but the third day I told him bring her in. and we did!


took her bath. went to buy food and all kinds of dog stuff. took her to the vet yesterday.


she went from Daisy to Maggie to Molly and now to Coco.


I just can not imagine that we are dog owners?! my heart is happy! I grew up with so many cats, dogs, birds and Joel never had any. I have so wanted this for Noah. she is so good. doesn't bark, very calm, so sweet, so good. she now follows me all around, every where I go she goes. She  has kept me busy since we took her in and from one minute to the next I have no clue if we will keep her. yesterday was rough since she pooped twice in the house at the same time in different spots. she has turned our in order life out of order and crazy but i am starting to like it. I hope we can do this and keep our sanity and keep this sweet girl who I am falling in love with more each day. Oh, I have a girl now…. how exciting! a girl to spoil! If I can get some sleep and get her trained I think we will be a good family for her and her for us. We have a dog!!!

happy, happy Friday and have a great weekend.

We are off soon to go see Father Carapi… he is here in town, so exciting! Hope to get a photo of Noah and him.

Thanks Colleen for the sweet pep talk about dog love!!!xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

finding the light

  IMG_2752     IMG_2741

he had just finished an Oreo cookie. love that it is still on his lips.


same days he enjoys his photo being taken. this day he liked it. I cant help but snap away most every day.


I want to remember everything about him at this age and this time.

I am trying to work on finding the light for a good photograph.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I felt so much better and at peace after reading your lovely comments. xoxoxo

Monday, August 2, 2010

prayers needed


this is such a silly thing to ask for prayer help but I am at the end of my rope today. Sick to my stomach after being on the phone for hours today. No wonder I am such a procrastinator… I think I became one after having Noah and having to fight with insurance, schools and the list goes on.

Anyway. Noah was measured for an adaptive jogging stroller back in Feb. the 24th. to be covered my the military insurance. well, each date they gave came and passed and i was given a new date. here we are at the end of the road… Joel is done with active duty this month the 13th and still no stroller. last word it was to be here the 28th of July. nope not here.  fed up with the lies I called tricare (insurance) they said, order from a new place. what? there is no time. and to put in a complaint about the medical supply comp.

I call the supply comp. back, this time upset and getting so upset I start to cry. Told them I would put in a complaint to Tricare and what will be done, we need this stroller before the 13th. said, they would call me back. So I called the stroller company… the heavens opened  up and the owner answered the phone. I cried to her my story. She said, she would do everything in her power to get our stroller made this week or the latest Monday. She told me to call the medical supply comp. back and tell them to pay for the 3 day shipping. She also told me they never put an order in of the stroller till June 14th. who does this? 4 months to put in an order? why where they lying? Now I am nervous they wont pull through after all these games. I called and they said, they would pay for 3 day shipping, she hinted they didnt think it was fair for them to pay it all and wanted the stroller comp. to pay half. I am just so upset, mad and sick to my stomach right now. Trying to let go and know that all will work out.

I just ask for prayers that the stroller get made this week and shipped, and we pick it up way before the 13th while we still have insurance with Tricare!!!!!! Thanks for your prayers in advanced!!!